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Secure Dog Walking Paddock

Before indulging your pet in a luxury groom, why not take advantage of our secure on-site dog walking paddock!

Putting the needs of your pet first

Welcome to Brinsea Green Dog Walking Field- a fully fenced and secure paddock providing peace of mind to dog owners wishing to allow their dogs to run off-lead in the countryside.

Be it nervous dogs looking for a quiet area to enjoy, a training paddock for those working on re-call or just an area to allow your dog to play and exercise, the Brinsea Green Dog Walking Field is a haven for your furry friends.

The paddock features a 1.9 meter high fence plus a tunnel and mounds to add to the excitement! Plenty of parking is also available alongside the field.

Dog paddock.jpg
Dog paddock.jpg2.jpg
Dog paddock.jpg2.jpg

The field is appointment only; allowing you exclusive use so there are no other people or dogs inside the field while you are using it.

To book your slot please visit:

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