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First Groom for Gundog Guinness

A far cry from his usual habitat exploring woodlands and hunting for game, Guinness took his first experience of salon life all in his stride (some could say he took to the pampering a little too well!)

It is important to remember that the grooming setting is an unnatural environment for most dogs, therefore, a gentle introduction is always recommended before throwing our furry friends in at the deep end with a full groom.

Having spent some time adjusting to the sights and smells of the salon, it was time for Guinness to hit the bath and enjoy a lathering of shampoo to clean out the dirt and help begin to remove any dead undercoat. A thorough rinse with warm water was then used before towel drying and blasting- a process he took to surprisingly well for his first pampering experience!

All clients wear Happy Hoodies to help ensure the drying procedure is as relaxing and stress-free as possible.

Finally, once clean and dry, it was time for the fun part... styling! Due to his young age (11 months), Guinness still features a lot of puppy coat and therefore a banded comb was used to remove any excess dead undercoat before being scissored and blended all over to achieve a natural finish without the requirement for clipping. His nails were trimmed and ears cleaned before the excitement of a pamper was all too much and Guinness nodded off on the grooming table ahead of his photoshoot...

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